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Interesting discussion about XMPP (in Italian):

I would like if there was some other installation method for snikket other then docker.

I use proxmox for servers and if I want to use docker in a machine I need to create a VM instead of just Linux container. I am sure all of this can be setup as a .deb file.

Either way, looking at the source code I could really find the actual code for the server, but I have seen prosody being mentioned couple of times. I am not sure how it works.

If there is another non-docker installation method I could probably create .deb file and eventually maybe it would even be added in the Debian official repo. That would make it trivial to install Snikket server on all Debian based system, which is most Linux distros, even from graphical interface.

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Up to my knowledge, there isn’t. Maybe you should request more information here: Snikket Chat | Contact Us

I believe Snikket is a customized version of prosody, but I am not an expert. I have heard that the developer of Snikket is the developer of prosody.

I don’t think a DEB package is a good idea for the case of Snikket. From the docker-compose configuration file it is obvious that it is composed of several services: prosody, admin web interface, proxy (nginx), etc.
You cannot include nginx, prosody, etc. on the same DEB package, can you? Maybe you can build a DEB package, but you will need several pages of installation and configuration instructions. This is not easier or simpler than the current way of installation.

It seems the Docker build can be replicated on a Debian VM; I’m guessing one should just grab Ansible and the like and run the playbook via ansible-playbook -i localhost -c local ./ansible/snikket.yml and you’d have a similar setup. Given that, I’d highly recommend loading up a vars file so you sidestep the Docker option passing and just pass your config variables onto Ansible.