Workshop Week at Immortal Tech

Hey Guys!
I’m Aiham from Immortal Tech, a new company based in Tirana/Albania, pioneering in the fields of the latest technologies and Computer science, Our company was based on the basis that everyone deserves a chance to be the own creator of a Successful life, and that Technology is not the sole property of anyone to control and manipulate.
Based on all of this, I’m more than excited to announce that we’re hosting (Workshop Week) a series of workshops designed to talk about the latest updates in Technology and How can we use them for our benfit.

And Did I forget to mention, They’re tottaly Free!

Workshops include:

  • Freelancer Developer Workshop
  • Mobile Application Development Workshop.
  • Web Development Workshop.
  • Graphic Design Workshop.
  • Coding For kids Workshop.
  • Music Production Workshop.

So, Let’s start deciding which first step to take.
We always say, A simple decision can change your life!

For more details, Please don’t hesitate to contact us at:
Tel: +355699440309
Or at any of our Social media accounts.

We would be honored to see you all there!