Workshop proposal: Getting started with XMMP chat and Snikket

Hi guys,

I am proposing a workshop about XMPP and Snikket, with a description like this:

In this workshop we will talk a bit about XMPP and its features, and why it is better than its alternatives. We will concentrate on the Snikket project philosophy and peculiarities, both on client and server side. We will describe briefly how easy the Snikket installation procedure is, and some of the required technical prerequisites.
Then the participants will be invited to join Snikket, and we will try messaging each-other and group messaging, explaining also the security features that are built into Snikket. Finally we will also see how to install Gajim on Linux, with flatpack, and how to use the same XMPP address that we have on Snikket.

The speakers will be Roberto Resoli (from the XMPP user group of Italy) and me. We will talk in English (of course). The aim is to make it a hybrid event, both in person and online (with BBB). We may also try to stream from the BBB room, but I am not sure about this yet.

I may come on site, for the workshop, but Roberto will present remotely. Me and Roberto can take care of the infrastructure that is needed for the online part (BBB streaming to PeerTube). But we definitely need some local support (for example a projector, network connection, etc.)

About the date, it would be best to schedule it two weeks from now, before the end of July (because August is summer break in Italy, and beginning of September is OSCAL, I think).

Let me know if this is possible, and let’s communicate privately for more details about organizing it. You know my email address, right?

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This is great Dashamir. I wanted to know more about XMPP for a while. I think it would be awessome to have this at OSCAL. End of July and August many OL members are on vacations and the weather is very hot, so the participation might be low. What do you think?

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I think it is better to do the workshop at OSCAL.
I am not sure whether Roberto can participate, but we can still do it as a hybrid event, isn’t it?

It should be possible, but we will need to check next week with the OSCAL team members that are working on logistics. I’ll let you know asap.


By “hybrid” I mean that I will be present, but Roberto may participate remotely. No fancy logistics required, a BBB or Jitsi will do.
I hope and wish that Roberto will come to the conference, but I don’t know. In the worst case he can present remotely.

There are not a lot of logistics, but based on previous editions the interest for remote presentations is usually lower, although this is different as it is a hybrid one. Did you apply with a workshop proposal?


We have applied. We are waiting for an invitation to the conference. The sooner the better, so that we can plan for traveling etc.

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It will be the same workshop as this one, but in English:

I hope that somehow we will be able to record this one too.