Working residency in Montenegro

Found this on Twitter. I think many of us will be intrigued to be there. Link with details: Deadline 17.05.2018.

Applications are open for a 10-day working residency in Montenegro from 1-11 July to create the first ever Citizen Investigation Toolkit.

We are living in a world saturated with information, data and evidence. With this residency, we want to explore, collect, develop, test and document open source investigation tools and techniques anyone can use to help uncover corruption and abuses of power online and off.

The outcomes of the residency will be developed into The Citizen Investigation Toolkit, the first in a series dedicated to making investigations in digital and analogue environments accessible to everyone.
In a nutshell

What?: A 10-day event to produce the first Citizen Investigation Toolkit focused on evidence-gathering for those passionate about digital and non-digital investigations.
Who?: Experienced evidence explorers, citizen investigators, journalists, researchers, developers, activists, artists and others working to uncover social and political issues such as corruption, environmental and social injustice, conflicts, human rights violations and abuse of power.
When?: 1-11 July 2018
Where?: Montenegro, in a beautiful medieval location by the sea
Application deadline: Thursday, May 17 2018 (23:59 CET)


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