Wikimedia UNLOCK Incubator 2021

Wikimedia Deutschland’s program UNLOCK is committed to promoting solutions that make the world’s knowledge more inclusive and accessible to all. We are looking for free knowledge activists, developers, social entrepreneurs or creative minds who want to turn their ideas into functional prototypes or concrete products/services. Eligible for the program are teams who are working on open source solutions or non-technical projects under free licences that

  • make knowledge more accessible to all or
  • promote transparency or
  • (re)build trust in reliable and trusted knowledge or
  • strengthen data or/and digital literacy

Participating teams receive a structured online program with three months of professional coaching , access to our network and, if required, financial support in the form of a scholarship.

Application is open until May 31st.

I am part of the UX coaching team and would love to have more diverse applications beyond northern Europe :slight_smile:

More information is available at: UNLOCK Accelerator - UNLOCK your ideas - Wikimedia Accelerator