What PHP IDE are you using for Laravel?

I tried many PHP IDE for my work

And now, I always use Laravel Framework.

I used PHPStorm

Many Memory (4G RAM, it’s 1/4)

CPU sometime load 100% (Core I5)

but PHPStorm is best for developer but not me, my laptop has poor :frowning: sometime i had waiting for laptop delay for next code

I used PHPDesigner

Not auto completion class, function…(Laravel)

Management for work hard

I used Sublime Text 3

Not find php class, function, etc…
Please tell me a PHP IDE best

Thank for reading.

Try Visual Studio Code

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I use PHPStorm. It has support for almost every framework and cms. As well it supports JS libraries and framework like react, vuejs. It supports npm and js task runners like gulp or webpack. Keep rocking with PHP… everyone hates the best :grinning:

It supports laravel and blade as well.


@oetoni, you are right about resource because JS use less server resources but don’t forget that it uses to much resources on the clients browser.

PHP 7 is now very fast compared to other versions and still is in the Top as more than 90% of websites use PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc). I think it is really hard to put PHP on the corner.

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Are you referring to Facebook or Washington Post :stuck_out_tongue:


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Whats does a company that creates websites to do with the IDE you choose to work with :smirk:

I like to use Codelobster IDE

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Been using tons of IDE in my past coding life :smiley:
From sublime to atom to notedpad++. I’ll be jumping towards laravel further this year and can’t wait what laravel9 will have has for this year:)