What PHP IDE are you using for Laravel?

(Jack Calder) #1

I tried many PHP IDE for my work

And now, I always use Laravel Framework.

I used PHPStorm

Many Memory (4G RAM, it’s 1/4)

CPU sometime load 100% (Core I5)

but PHPStorm is best for developer but not me, my laptop has poor :frowning: sometime i had waiting for laptop delay for next code

I used PHPDesigner

Not auto completion class, function…(Laravel)

Management for work hard

I used Sublime Text 3

Not find php class, function, etc…
Please tell me a PHP IDE best

Thank for reading.

(evavranici) #2

Try Visual Studio Code

(Elton Ngjela) #3

forget PHP ever existed move to JS/Node supported by front-end VueJS or back-end Go with React or VueJS. Life is beautiful to suffer through PHP :rofl:

(Eduard Milushi) #4

I use PHPStorm. It has support for almost every framework and cms. As well it supports JS libraries and framework like react, vuejs. It supports npm and js task runners like gulp or webpack. Keep rocking with PHP… everyone hates the best :grinning:

It supports laravel and blade as well.

(Elton Ngjela) #5

@emilushi you are right about one part, IntelliJ has done an excellent work with their suite of IDEs, I prefer the IntelliJ IDEA which I use on daily bases.

To speed it up, maybe before considering RAM, try upgrading your HDD (if you are running on such) into a SSD because the issue with those IDEs is that they perform an extensive back and forth of IOs operations with project’s folder. Now imagine the library folder and all the dependencies, reading, indexing and analyzing those. If you solve this issue to my opinion you can harvest better results that simply upgrading the RAM. Unfortunately the CPU is another story, you can replace it to (consider ordering on AliExpress) but you must research first which is the latest your board can support.

Last but not least. Of course I was joking and I am glad PHP existed and still exists. It is because of PHP that I was able to deliver some important milestones in the past but considering performance, infrastructure costs and cross platform coding I must say that PHP either undertakes a huge upgrade or its usage will be limited and pushed to the corner due to the advantages that are offered by the new languages like Go and JS. Syntacticly speaking and in terms of coding I hate JS and in the same scale I love PHP, but we must grow and evolve right?! I can not express the feeling the day I discovered that I can do many things in Go which I currently do with NodeJS and performance is at the same level like NodeJS and in many cases better :slight_smile:

If you have time check this out Google Trends also StackOverflow Survey 2018 for the last 6 years JS tops.
Reasons: performance && infrastructure costs

(Eduard Milushi) #6

@oetoni, you are right about resource because JS use less server resources but don’t forget that it uses to much resources on the clients browser.

PHP 7 is now very fast compared to other versions and still is in the Top as more than 90% of websites use PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc). I think it is really hard to put PHP on the corner.

(Elton Ngjela) #7

@emilushi but why are you mixing in this the server side with client side. NodeJS is executed on server side and an excellent approach would be to offer its resources through a rest api, meaning that any client in the front-end can run anything it likes (PHP, VueJS, React, jQuery etc.) and simply read the receive the jsons. So in this case of JS vs PHP on the server side there is no comparison at all. On the client side then, you still must pay some tribute into VueJS but again you can judge case by case depending on many factors.

more than 90% of websites use PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc).

I understand that and I accept that. But, considering that 90% of the website include partially junk content, maybe irrelevant content and in many cases abandoned content forgotten that it exists I would say that it highly depends from your point of view. WordPress revolutionized the web development/delivery and was automated by major hosting panels offering default integration. Written in PHP of course course raises that statistic. But, I’d prefer to consider how major players or websites/webapps that have extensive usage and are visited or worked on the edge of performance, deal with their “server side”. You can have a million personal blogs/websites running in PHP visited by hundreds of people daily, and on the other side you can have a hundreds of websites running on other stuff visited by millions daily.

Also, I believe you’d agree with me saying that 99.xx is just dead simple HTML or services and networks with no front-end at all, including non-indexable deep web etc. :slight_smile:

At the end is just e preference. If you like there is nothing better than it in the world! As long is you like it and it can do the job there is nothing in the world judging you “why?”.

(Eduard Milushi) #8

Are you referring to Facebook or Washington Post :stuck_out_tongue:

(Elton Ngjela) #9

@emilushi hehehe nice one :laughing: looking beyond the keyhole you’ll see Google, YouTube, Linkedin, PayPal, Netflix, Uber, eBay etc. and is a little ironic but exactly due to performance Facebook made Hack and HVVM in order to evolve PHP I think

(Jack Calder) #10

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(Eduard Milushi) #11

Whats does a company that creates websites to do with the IDE you choose to work with :smirk: