WebVR Camp

Ckemi plakos,
we are thinking of hosting a WebVR Camp at Open Labs.

Draft Agenda:

  • What is VR?
  • Introduction to WebVR and A-Frame
  • A-Frame Concepts
  • Live Demonstrations

I have VR equipment that I can bring with me and share with all participants. Additionally, you can also request sponsorship (up to 50 USD) to acquire equipment for the event and community.

I’d like to propose Wed 19 Apr as date. Thoughts?


Perfect, thanks for bringing this up here Giannis.
We should be able to request also event space budget for that day. There was a conflict with a Fedora l10n event @marianaballa proposed, so let’s wait on others chiming in here.

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Thanks for the initiative @giannisk. I think many people will be interested in this.
+1 from me.
@marianaballa since we are more flexible than Giannis can we change the date of your event?
Again thanks Giannis for initiating this.


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Of course we can change the date of the event I had proposed earlier. I already proposed April 22nd for the localization. :slight_smile:

I think our members meeting is on 22nd April as well though. So it
might end up on 26th April.

Ok then. April 26th it is. I just proposed April 19th and 22nd since as I saw at the pad we have for the upcoming events that there were no events planned for those days.

Now it seems that Document Freedom Day might be on 26th :stuck_out_tongue:
So basically:

19th April - WebVR Camp
22nd April - Members Meeting
26th April - Document Freedom Day

So either we do it on 15th ( I know eastern is on 16th, but I don’t think we need a large number of attendees. As long as it’s something arounf 8-10 it’s a success I’d say. What do you think @marianaballa?

@elioqoshi after a small discussion with @jonaazizaj, we though that it would be nice to have also @giannisk during the localization since he is also a member of the Fedora community. I contacted him and he was okay with that. So, my final proposal is April 20th, the day after the WebVR Camp event. It’s the only day that I’m available during the time Giannis will be around. Let’s hope something else doesn’t come up on that day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perfect, if Giannis is fine with that, let’s do it.


Sure, both days work for me. Two birds with one stone, like you say. :smile:


Guys once this is finalized please don’t forget to add the details on wiki.openlabs.cc and on our website.



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We remind you the event is taking place today at 5 PM at Open Labs, be sure not to miss it :slight_smile:

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