Webinar: Inventory management system

Ditën e nesërme 6 maj në orën 18:00 kemi webinar-in e rradhës! :studio_microphone:

Këtë herë i ftuar është Tomas Levine që do flasë për një software që ka krijuar vetë për të manaxhuar një sistem inventarizimi.

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How I find tiny esoteric parts that I salvaged last year and stored?

If you run a hackerspace, you may have lots of tools and materials. If you additionally/instead embrace consumerism, you too may have lots of stuff. Even if you are a vagabonding hacker-slacker who lives out of a backpack, you probably have stuff in your backpack. How do you find your stuff?

I asked several people how they find their stuff, and all of the answers relied heavily on their own memory. I am too lazy to remember things, so I took a different approach.

I put numbered stickers my things to identify them, and I record on my database what and where numbered thing is. And then when I want to find the thing, I look it up in the database. To make all of this very fast and resilient to laziness, I have developed special software (called “sticker”) with very few dependencies and with several very custom user interfaces. For the talk I will focus on the main two interfaces: command line and paper.

The sticker software has very few dependencies, but this was not enough resilience for me. It was important to me that I be able to use the system without my computer. Updates can be written down on paper and transcribed for entry by the command line interface. Look-ups can be done entirely on paper, based on the paper printout of the database.

I will discuss the lazy and iterative process by which I made the
system, explain how I chose among alternatives approaches along the way.

I will conclude with inspiring speculation of sticker’s implicit
commentary on sustainability, consumption, commerce, privacy, hacker lifestyle, &c.


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