Webinar: Introduction to Linux Commands

I am planning to make a webinar on Linux Commands on Wednesday, Apr 1, 14:00-15:00.

I am planning to make it as a live-stream on FB, or using BigBlueButton. I have also created an event on FB. The webinar will be based on this tutorial.

Any suggestion or help with organizing it is welcome.


Thanks Dashamir. I will be happy to join.


@rskikuli I need some help with checking the quality of the sound, the volume of the mike, etc. Can you be there (at https://bbb.fs.al/b/adm-wtc-2qx) 10-15 minutes before it starts?
I also cannot see the comments when I make the presentation full screen. Can you monitor them, and interrupt me with questions if needed?

Broadcasting (live) to FB turned out to be a bit tricky. I hope it is going to work, but again I cannot monitor the comments on FB while I am presenting. Is there any volunteer that wants to monitor them and interrupt me (on BBB) if there are any valid questions? I can share the link to the FB live-stream when I start it (5-10 min before 14:00).

Sure @dashohoxha More than happy to help. See you tomorrow.


After the webinar we can also discuss any implementation details about BBB etc. if you wish.

I think @kominoshja and @jor have played around with it. They might have more insight.


Jemi online :slight_smile: https://bbb.fs.al/b/adm-wtc-2qx


Edhe në FB: https://www.facebook.com/10222606453934655/videos/10222624901475832/

Shumë faleminderit @dashohoxha për organizimin. Mendoj që ka potencial për të bërë akoma më tepër punëtori të tilla virtuale në vijim.


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FLOSSK-u ka filluar, çdo të mërkurë në orën 6 do ketë webinar: https://www.facebook.com/events/1999664733510342/

Javën tjetër jam unë, me pjesën e dytë të komanadave të Linux-it.

Mbase do ishte mirë që të kordinohemi dhe të bashkëpunojmë.

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