Web Summer Camp 2018

(Mariana Balla) #1

Web Summer Camp is a four-day tech event held in Rovinj, Croatia from August 29 to September 1. Its four main tracks are:

  • UX - Engaging workshops on the UX track, spread over three days, will focus on user experience and user research topics.

  • eZ - eZ track will for the 7th time around host experienced eZ experts with topics on the newest developments in the field.

  • PHP - Hands-on workshops will be dedicated to PHP and its frameworks, especially Symfony, spread on two tracks.

  • JS - For the 2nd time in a row, frontend web professionals can participate in hands-on JavaScript-oriented workshops.

Deadline for Call for Papers is March 31!

Website: http://2018.websummercamp.com/
Call for Papers: https://sessionize.com/websummercamp2018/
Tickets: http://www.salsa-adria.hr/our_events/next_events/web_summer_camp_2018


(Redon Skikuli) #2

Thanks for sharing Mariana. 541 EUR is quite expensive in my opinion.


(Mariana Balla) #3

@rskikuli accepted speakers have travel costs, accommodation and event fee covered. :wink:


(Silva Arapi) #4

Thanks for sharing @marianaballa. Aplikova me nje session :nerd_face:

(Anxhelo Lushka) #5

I also applied with a session, better late than never :stuck_out_tongue: