Web/App Developer dearly needed!

Dear all,

My newly born company, e-korrier (basically providing eco-friendly, delivery services in Tirana) is in need of someone(maybe more people?) to help us create an app to be used as a platform to find and book the closest courier (and also use the app to pay online), and also help us build our website. We will pretty damn sure talk about money, so worry not damsels, you won’t work in vain.

Let’s make nice apps to keep Tirana green (and get paid for it).

Just in case; +355695715551 // e.daka@ekorrier.al

Thanks in advance!

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Eni hi, good to have you here. I spotted some of your bikes at the latest critical mass in Tirana. Since being eco friendly is the most sustainable way to go, I hope that you release the code of the app under an open source license (here is a tool that helps you do that https://choosealicense.com/) helping others to improve the app, get involved and also use it as well for their initiatives. Most important having it open sourced it will respect the privacy of the users of the app, which in this day and age should be a standard for every company.
It is good for the sustainability of the tech ecosystem and also good for business :slight_smile:.
All the best to your initiative - I hope you find people interested in getting involved.


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Hey Eni, we are organizing Open Source Conference this weekend. There will definitely be some developers there :slight_smile: https://oscal.openlabs.cc


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I know I’m more than late but if possible, I’d like to contribute (as much as I can) to a project with such a positive impact. Truth be told, I have no work experience yet. Only some knowledge and passion towards C/C++ programming languages and the command line.

Good luck with your company!