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I received an “Ura Newsletter” email today. I’m guessing my email address was subscribed to that newsletter after my interaction with the Open Labs community as I don’t have any commercial relationship with Ura Design.

I don’t feel it is good for the community if a company starts sending unsolicited newsletters to people. It may create frustration with both Ura and Open Labs. It doesn’t matter if it is only one email per month, if it wasn’t requested, people hate it.

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Noted, I’ll make sure you are unsubscribed.

R. S

I had the same feeling as Daniel.
I unsubscribed from the list.

Just to be clear, I really don’t mind being subscribed to that mailing-list after FOSScamp.
I just unsubscribed to that mailing-list ; no big deal :slight_smile:

Jonathan you are unsubscribed as well.
General comment (not about you) :
To be honest we believe that good design for floss initiatives is really important and influences positively our movement. Just wanted to clarify that there is a good amount of time spent on contributing to this cause:

  • Logobridge (a collection of logos published in public domain that everyone can use);
  • Identihub, the (first?) open source hosting for brand and visual assets with plans to give infrastructure for free to some initiatives that promote the free and open source spirit;
  • a series of design gigs that are done without financial compensation (the list here is quite big);
  • engagement in the open source design events (with our financial contribution in many cases) promoting the open source design way of working and the importance of good visual communication for open source initiatives.

Besides this, there are many hours payed work to people that are related to Ura that go to personal development of usage of open source tools, keeping almost all the infrastructure on free open source, and to non commercial related projects that do not bring any financial benefits to the commercial entity.
All the above do not mean that you should be interested in projects related to design that will hopefully help free open source projects have better visual presentation. As mentioned it is easy to unsubscribe from such emails that we thought are somehow related to your interests. On the other hand, it is quite unfair that even though there is an easy to opt-out mechanism this becomes an issue.
ps: I’m deliberately not putting any links on the initiatives above, but you can easily find them online I guess. Thanks and sorry for the long note.

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