UK-Albania Tech Hub! Applications now open!

Guys have a look at this info I got some days ago. People that have open source companies/products such as (but not limited to) @aleksanderkoko & @elioqoshi this might interest you. Also see the attached file if you are planning to apply: GUIDANCE FOR APPLICANTS UK-ALBANIA TECH HUB.pdf (187.6 KB)

What is the UK-Albania Tech Hub?
A new programme to support the partnership between Albania and the UK in the technology
sector, aimed at boosting tech start-ups in Albania and creating opportunities to do business
with the UK. It is a new initiative that supports entrepreneurship skills.
Why this project?
Albanian youth is very dynamic, well-educated and English-speaking. Innovation nowadays
is the number one precondition for economies and countries to prosper and the project
supports both UK and Albanian ambitions in this direction.
British Embassy in Tirana and the British Council Albania are implementing a model
established and proven elsewhere in the network which includes a three steps approach to
supporting tech start-ups;

  1. A workshop series on international and UK business in the tech sector,
  2. Exchange program to explore business opportunities in the UK tech sector
  3. A programme to boost the performance of selected start-ups
    What’s the process?
    The opportunity to participate in the programme is now open to all technology start- ups that
    are already established in the Albanian market. The shortlisted start-ups (based on a set of
    criteria) will embark on a training programme with some of the best experts from the UK and
    Albania, followed by an exchange programme in the UK.
    What’s next?
    Are you interested to join the programme? Do you want to be one of the first Albanian
    technology start-ups to tap into the UK market? If so, then fill in the application form and
    send it by email at by 25th of September 2017.ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA
    -ups in the field of technology
    -ups that have already generated some income (desirable)
    One session on Business English will be offered as part of the training programme but all
    participants are required to have a command of the English language to at least intermediate
    Deadline for application is 25th of September 2017.
    All applicants will be notified about the outcome of the selection process by email.
    The short listed applicants will be invited to attend a series of 8 workshops (each lasting 90
    minutes) with key international experts.
    Participants in the programme will be required to commit time in the evenings and
    Start date for the workshops is 4th of October 2017. This phase of the project will run for
    eight weeks!APPLICATION FORM
    Full name as it appears on passport
  4. Passport / ID no.
  5. What does you start up do in one sentence?
  6. Who is your market?
  7. Describe your product / service (max. 100 words)
  8. Who uses your product? Who pays for it? (max. 100 words)
  9. What is the total amount of cash invested so far in your start-up? By whom?7. Are you generating revenue? How much did you generate last month? How much
    revenue in your start-up lifetime?
  10. Are you already an incorporated/registered business?
  11. What have you accomplished so far? (max 150 words)
  12. Apart from funding, what challenges / struggles are you facing? (max 100 words)
  13. What is your next milestone? (max 100 words)
  14. And how long will it take you to reach it?13. What is the next step that you want to take with your business other than securing
    additional funding? (max 50 words)
  15. What motivates you to work on your start-up? (max 100 words)
  16. What do you most want to learn from this programme (marketing, pitching, UX, etc)
  17. How much time (weekly) can you spend on the programme?
  18. Who else do you think this programme could be interesting / useful for? Will you
    recommend it to them?
  19. List 3 UK companies you would like to work with in the future and why?19. Who do you think are your main competitors in the UK market?
  20. What is you perception about the UK as a destination to grow and expand a tech

Thanks Redon for this.

I will be very blunt here and say that I’m tired of seeing many initiatives which focus solely on training and have no access to funding, so I look forward to any initiatives which offer actual financial support to startups. I am quite hesitant however, as I see no numbers in regards to financial support this program offers.

Furthermore, this seems to take a considerable amount of time throughout 2 months which seem a bit too much to me. Considering that October is a big conference season this might be problematic for some of us I’d suspect.

Do you have more informations regarding these points? As otherwise the form attached seemed quite sparse information-wise.

I’ve spent some time in the UK and would be happy to discuss this with people during my next visit, especially from a free software perspective.

There is a usually a Mini DebConf in Cambridge towards the end of each year - look out for details on the Debian mailing lists.

Anybody going to the UK or wanting to go there may want to join debian-uk and similar free software mailing lists.

@elioqoshi the big financial “investment” from this may be the exchange program they mention, UK prices for food, short term accommodation and transport are all very high compared to Albania so if the embassy has a scheme to pay those things for you then it is a financial contribution to your business. The brochure doesn’t mention any details though.

@elioqoshi I don’t have more information except the fact there there is financial support of some kind - probably of covering some of the costs on traveling and consulting with UK based established companies. Something similar to what @pocock mentioned. From what I understand they don’t go to much details because they probably want to see who is into it seriously and for a long term thing. I believe if I was the person drafting this program I would do the same knowing how many people think in Tirana.

Redon Skikuli