Tirana Infosec Meetup

Përshëndetje Open Labs friends! :slightly_smiling_face:

Since my last visit in May there have been some great InfoSec conversations online and a group of security enthusiasts in Prishtina started an InfoSec meetup at Prishtina Hackerspace last month! Not to be outdone a group of security enthusiasts in Tirana have begun gauging interest from the community to start a similar InfoSec meetup in Tirana.

Since university exams start the beginning of February (and to make the first meetup more accessible to university students who might travel home to another city during the weekend to visit family), we are trying to plan the initial Tirana meetup for Sunday, January 26, 2020. We were thinking initially about 2 hours for this first meeting (perhaps in the afternoon or early evening for those traveling back to Tirana for the upcoming week of university classes) – this way everybody can introduce themselves and discuss different areas of InfoSec as well as future InfoSec meetup format and frequency.

Would Open Labs be interested in allowing us to meet in the hackerspace for this first meetup? If so it would also be great if some Open Labs members would be interested to share about Open Labs Hackerspace as I know there are some great InfoSec enthusiasts in your group :slight_smile: and hopefully more people can be introduced to the wonderful Open Labs culture and hospitality that I’ve come to know and love :heart:

Either way I look forward to saying hello to you all in January! :smiley:

Faleminderit shumë,


Hello Daniel, we would be more than happy to host you. Sunday is a pretty chilled day for these kind of activities :slight_smile: Me or one of the hackerspace members will make sure that you will have the keys, coffee/tea, internet and a warm place. Looking forward meeting you again.


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Faleminderit shumë Redon! Yes, “warm” is crucial – I am about to experience my first “real winter” in Tirana so don’t laugh at my reaction to real cold :smiley:

So does this mean that any time in the late morning/afternoon/evening is available for the meetup? I think 2 hours is all that we would need for this initial meeting. If the whole day is available schedule-wise then we can figure out the best time in the next day or two based on those who have already said they are interested in joining then I can reply here with that time. Does this work for you all?

Sunday is usually a slow day, which means that it would be nice to start after 10.00 am and it can go on until anytime you guys need to stay.


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Mirë mirë – let me poll people’s availability and then I’ll post back here to confirm a time. Thanks again! Can’t wait to see everybody!

Hi Daniel,

Happy to see that you are organizing “Tirana Infosec Meetup” and to host you at Open Labs.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you since that weekend I will attend another conference. But let me know if I can help you with anything on organizing the event :slight_smile:

thank you,

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The event is now listed in our wiki

In other news the Albanian gov seems to have signed a memorandum of understanding with the US gov about not allowing Huawei to ofer their infra https://exit.al/en/2019/11/07/us-embassy-pushes-back-against-huawei-5g-ambitions/
Just an idea for a topic to talk about :slight_smile: since this might be related to infosec - or geopolitics(?).


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Hey @daniel,

It’s great to have you at the hackerspace again, the event looks really interesting. I won’t be in Tirana either at the proposed date, but happy to support (if needed) with promoting the event locally so more people can join.


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Thanks so much everyone! The date we’re planning around is actually Sunday, January 26, 2020 (the wiki shows the 20th instead of 26th) – does that mean you can join @nshehu & @silva.arapi? :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if not then I will be visiting Open Labs at least a few days before the meetup so I’m hopeful we will have a chance to hang out before your conference! Thank you both for the offer to help with marketing the event!

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I changed the date and now it reflects January 26th. Cheers.


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Faleminderit shumë Redon! Can we add the time 17:00-19:00 to the event wiki?

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Done. @marianaballa will help us also with promoting the event on social media. Daniel can you prepare a brief description of the event explaining what will be discussed?


Yeap, sure. I will be posting this.


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Faleminderit shumë, @rskikuli & @marianaballa! Can we update the event title/name as well?

Cyber Security Meetup

Kick off 2020 by joining Cyber Security Meetup’s first community gathering! We welcome students, working professionals, hobbyists and anybody interested in information security and privacy who are committed to the open sharing of security knowledge with one another to make our community a better place.

At this meetup we will share an overview of the broad field of information security and the many careers and opportunities (both technical and non-technical) that exist in this industry. This meetup will also serve as a formal introduction for many of us that have only interacted virtually. This will be a relaxed environment where we can learn about each other’s interests, experiences and passion for security.

Lastly, as a group we will discuss and brainstorm many free learning resources and training opportunities so we can encourage each other to continue learning between meetups. We hope this will help each of us identify others in our community that share similar interests so that we can learn better together.

No matter how new you might be to InfoSec, we all have something to offer one another — so let’s meet, share and improve our skills together!

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Done :wink:


This seems an interesting event. If the time was before noon (like 10 or 11) I might have been able to participate. But I realize that this time may conflict with the schedule of many other participants.