The "Trust" layer of the Internet

We all know that the internet that we use today is “experimental”, it was never meant to be used “in production”. Some of the things that it is missing are security, safety, and trust. Probably you have heard the old saying that “on the Internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog”. Actually it has been replaced by “on the Internet, everybody knows that you’re a dog” (On the Internet, Everybody Knows You Are a Dog - YouTube). Both of them are bad for different reasons.

Trust in particular is a difficult problem because it cannot be solved only by technical means. There is Foundation, named Trust Over IP (part of the Linux Foundation), which is trying to solve this problem.

The mission of this Foundation is to simplify and standardize how trust is established over a digital network or using digital tools (whether online or disconnected). The goal is to create a safe and private space for all digital interactions – whether between individuals, businesses, governments, or any type of “thing” we might digitally interact with.

This document has more details about it: