The Municipality of Tirana migrates to Nextcloud

(Silva Arapi) #1

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The municipality of Tirana, the biggest municipality in the country serving over 800,000 citizens, decided to make an Important move onto open source technologies, by implementing yet another open source software in its infrastructure and offering a major improvement with the deployment of a private cloud service :

(Justin W. Flory) #2

Bravo Bashkia Tiranë and Open Labs, and nice work @silva.arapi on the article! Very exciting to hear about more open source software working its way into the public sector and to hear about the role of Open Labs with this. A nice way to wrap up the fifth anniversary too. :tada:

(bledi) #3

Very very interesting achievement, congrats openlabs on this milestone. Hopefully many more to come

(Jonathan Beliën) #4

You guys are definitely one of the most impressive community I know !

What a GREAT achievement !!! \o/