Techfest Albania

Hey there, this is flo and I organize the Techfest Albania Hackathon in October.

Format: Techfest Albania is a 24hs Hackathon, where participants form a team and work together on challenges involving tourism, education and 1-2 more.

The results are presented in front of a jury and winners are selected, that will win a low 5 figure cash price.

When: 22.10.22 - 23.10.2022
Participants: ~80
Where: Rogner Hotel

This is the fourth hackathon I organize and my hackathons are famous for:

Developer centricity:
We put a lot of effort in a great experience for the participants, the location is nice, the food is good, the structure and rating is transparent and fair

Vibe and people:
The event is intense and we coach the participants to give their best result, Michael Bromley - probably the best js developer I know will join us. Adrian Nürnberger, one of the best Laravel Developers out there will coach. There will be a pitch training and a lot of interaction with international participants - even if you don’t win it’s a great experience.

No empty promises:
The event will be over on Sunday - no appointments you have to attend or presentations to make, the idea and code you develop belongs to you - so if you have higher plans we support you, but it’s on your behalf and not a necessity!

I am looking forward to see the one or other of you at the event, registration is open two more weeks!


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