Take the #HappinessPacketChallenge next week!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to challenge everyone in the Open Labs community to join me next week in the #HappinessPacketChallenge!


Happiness Packets are like thank-you cards for open source users or contributors. You can send a packet to anyone for anything. Your message can be as short or as long as you like. You can put your name on your message or you can keep it totally anonymous.

So, what is the #HappinessPacketChallenge? I challenge you to do the following: write at least one Happiness Packet (or more!) every day for one week. At a minimum, this is only seven times where you say “thank you” to someone else in open source. Of course, you can send more if you want to.

You can find more details in the blog post linked above. I hope everyone will help spread some positivity through the open source community next week!