Supporting the hackerspace and our organisation

Dears followers and friends of Open Labs,
as many of you might know we are a non for profit volunteer run organization with very limited funds. During the last 5 years there have been moments when we have really struggled financially and without financial support from people that appreciate what we do it would not be possible to continue having our hackerspace open. We have done hundreds free of charge workshops, events and trainings, we orgnise a leading conference with a special focus in free open source software/hardware, online privacy and copyright, we have been involved in pushing the local and central Albanian government in adopting floss technologies and we are part of probably the most vibrant tech communities out there.
If you really care about our initiative here are some of the ways that you can support us financially:

Special thanks to people that have supported us so far in the process and all the new contributors.
Don’t hesitate to write us here if you have any questions.