Supporting Open Labs hackathons

Can somebody provide a brief summary of the the recent hackathon for girls in English, maybe in a blog? This type of report on hackerspace activities is essential for potential donors.

For anybody who may want to support future hackathons, either by volunteering or sponsoring, could anybody comment on some of the following?

  • Do you have a specific structure or format for hackathons, or is each one different?

  • Do you organize all of them entirely within Open Labs, or do you sometimes have hackathons that are organized by other groups using their structure/rules?

  • Do you offer prizes or incentives?

  • Do participants make presentations about their work and do you video that?

  • How many people are interested in coding hackathons, e.g. using a language like Python, Java or C++? How many people are interested in non-coding activities, for example, integration projects, electronics/hardware, documentation, translation or other things?

@kristiprogri @jonaazizaj Would be the best to ask about this. @rskikuli might know a few details as well.