State of the Map 2018


(Redon Skikuli) #1

State of the Map 2018 call for presentations and workshops is now open!

In July the OpenStreetMap community will be coming together for our annual State of the Map conference, this year in Milan, Italy. It is set to be an exciting three day event where mappers, programmers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policy makers will share their passion for OpenStreetMap.

You are invited to submit your session proposals for the 2018 State of the Map, by Sunday, 18th February 2018.

You are encouraged to submit proposals for 20 minute talks, 5 minute lightning talks, and 75 minute workshops that will result in progress and excitement in the world of OpenStreetMap. If you require a grant or scholarship to attend, please note that you will have to complete an additional form which will be published in the next few weeks. Again, the deadline to submit your session proposals is Sunday, 18th February 2018.

Apply here:

SoTM website:
OL members: let’s get organised and help each other to apply with good talks at this years event.
Review of SoTM 2017 (@anisakuci & @Sidorela were present):


(Amanti Lulo) #2

I want to apply for Sotm 2018

(Redon Skikuli) #3

That would be great! What about presenting


(Amanti Lulo) #4

I was thinking about that or maybe the bus routes of Tirana. I a little unsure. I welcome any suggestion :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Beliën) #5

I’ll do my absolute best to assist to SOTM’18 ! :slight_smile:

At the moment, I’m thinking about presenting the GeoPortal and more about how to improve OSM with official data with tools we developed here in Belgium.
But that’s just an idea at the moment, I’ll keep you updated !
I may propose the same topic for OSCAL’18 as a “rehearsal” !

(Sidorela Uku) #6

Thank you @rskikuli for sharing this.
I hope to have many applications from our community. For what I know from the last year, they have a focus on sharing local experiences and connecting communities, this means it’s a good chance for us to share knowledge, ideas or their work.
The best thing is to get organized before applying so not having more than one person with similar presantations. Let’s have again OpenStreetMap Albania at State of the Map :slight_smile:
I don’t have any ideas yet, but if there is something I can help please let me know.


(Sidorela Uku) #7

Calls for schoolarship is also open until february 14.
There is and article from wikimedia italia.

And also an article from the last year, on how they select aplicants:

Also you can find the latest news on their offical website:


(Kristina Qejvanaj) #8

Hello there. My name is Christina and I’m a new OpenStreetMap contributor. I just applied to participate at State of the Map 2018. All the best to the other applicants! Thank you!

(Mariana Balla) #9

Wish you the best @kristinakvn ! :grinning:


(Kristina Qejvanaj) #10

Thank you so much😊 @marianaballa

(Amanti Lulo) #11

I just applied for SotM 2018 :smile: Wish me luck

(Sidorela Uku) #12

Don’t forget tomorrow is the last chance to apply for schoolarship, while call for proposals closes on 18th of february. This year they also have academic track and applications are open until 3rd of march.

Good luck to all the aplicants :slight_smile:

(Redon Skikuli) #13

I just applied for a scholarship. Application for a talk about CityZen will follow. Good luck to everyone that will apply.


(Anisa Kuci) #14

Hey guys,

I also applied with a talk about the Geoportal and will co-present with @jbelien if it gets accepted :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone that applied.

(Redon Skikuli) #15

Hi there, I’d like to inform you that I will be present at SOTM 2018 in Milan with a presentation about CityZen. I will update my Twitter account with things that will happen there and will publish a post event blog post at my personal website. In addition, I will share my experience in one of the next local OSM meetups and at the next members meeting. I\m really really excited to represent the local OSM community and also meet fellow OSM contributors and friends, but also Open Labs members.


(Richard Ferguson) #16

Anybody who took part in the workshop? How was it?