Starting the translation into Albanian

Hi there, I am working on getting the project approves for funding of the Albanian translation of and later

I also wrote about this here

Basically you will be able to earn money working on these projects, and that is not all they are funding all types of open source software development and translation.


Hey Mike, that all sounds great! How can the local community be of help here? Or basically what you proposed in your post in Albanian?

  1. Sign up on steem
    there is a learning curve to steam, I found a random post
  2. Sign up on
    2.1 join the chat and get help
  3. Pick a project to translate, or write bug reports, tutoials or suggestions for your fav open source project
  4. Profit!

Hey @h4ck3rm1k3, I’m trying to add CityZen as a project on the platform, but I’m having trouble in signing in with Steemit. it requires a mobile phone sign in process and the SMS confirmation never comes to my Albanian mobile phone number. Any idea how to solve this?
I also opened an issue here:


you know maybe it would be possible for you to setup your own steemit node and have that pair. Need to look into that.

Got the feedback for 0.00420189 BTC ( $35.31) you can buy an account.