Social cultural center : Toestand international 2019

Hi there,

In the summer of 2019, we’re coming to Tirana to try to start a socio-cultural center. So we are looking for people who feel like being involved !

We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now (Ukrain, Kosovo, Spain and Macedonia), with varying success. But we’ve got some experience now and foremost, a bit of a network in the balkans !

This is our main website (we’re a big group of people volunteering and some working for the non-profit a couple of friends started some years ago):

The section relevant to the project:

We’re looking for a big empty space to be used for the project, any ideas welcome ! Also, the project is completely dependent on finding a strong local partner, that can help the process, so there too: suggestions welcome.

But the idea is that the project is completely handed over to a group of local volunteers that want to engage and organise the center autonomously. I hope that might warm up some people already :slight_smile:

Myself, I have been active in the hackerspace hsbxl in brussels for years. I saw the video on the nextcloud conf about Tirana’s municipality, and was like, oh hello there hacker-community ! :slight_smile:

Hope to hear more of you !!

(oh yeah, the idea is to come with 20-30 from belgium and 20 from Switserland / Kosovo / Macedonia).



:belgium: Other people from Belgium \o/
Bienvenue, Welkom !

Oe where you from ?!

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This is a short impression of the project in Macedonia last year

And we’ve made a booklet and some people translated it in Albanian !



If anyone is interested, there’s also a forum and facebook groups, and some people from Tirana are looking for empty buildings already.

And of course Jora Kasapi also got involved, parallel to me finding the preservingtirana website on the forum !


Hello Nino,

Maybe it’s important to state that the facebook group forum name would be ‘Tirana Social Center’ and the people who are already looking for an empty building get organised together once a week (during the weekends mostly) so anybody interested or that has any idea where to check, can join :slight_smile:



Sorry for posting a link to facebook though -_-

This event is being organised:

Presentation of Toestand Termokiss SCS Tetova Tirana 2019 + Docu
Tuesday, 26 February 2019 from 19:00-22:00
Tulla - Culture Center
Rruga Hiqmet Delvina, 1000 Tirana, Albania

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Hey Nino, I’ve been following Termokiss for quite some time and it has the grassroots, community-based and solidarity elements I dig mainly because I want to believe that these are elements you can find at Open Labs as a community and hackerspace. are you visiting Tirana in the next days/weeks? Feel free to visit the hackerspace :slight_smile:


I might be passing later on in the year, hopefully for oscal !


If you will be here for OSCAL would be great to see any of your proposal for a talk and/or workshop:


Finally there’s a bit more clarity, we managed to organise a planning visit for the project right after the weekend of OSCAL. Looking forward to meeting you !

I’m not sure if I’d feel like presenting something though, informal ad hoc information sharing is more my style :slight_smile:

See you soon in any case !!



tl;dr: can someone advise me the best places for buying raw materials (construction) and tools. And to rent 2 vans and at least 1 generator.

My responsibility within the current phase of the project is to gather information about where to get tools and raw materials. The worst case scenario is that we get a building without roof and windows/doors. In the best case it’s just some small renovations and we can focus on the interior design etc.

Likely it will be more of a worst case scenario.

So I would need help to get a better view on the following:

  • tool shops (cheapest + per quadrant of the city).
  • construction materials shops (same)
  • is there a scrapyard? way to scavenge materials?
  • where to rent two vans and hire someone locally to drive them
  • where to get at least one +3kW generator (rent preferably)

Thanks so much for any help ! In the end we’re going to be in the region from the 17th of May until the first of June !