Social cultural center : Toestand international 2019

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Hi there,

In the summer of 2019, we’re coming to Tirana to try to start a socio-cultural center. So we are looking for people who feel like being involved !

We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now (Ukrain, Kosovo, Spain and Macedonia), with varying success. But we’ve got some experience now and foremost, a bit of a network in the balkans !

This is our main website (we’re a big group of people volunteering and some working for the non-profit a couple of friends started some years ago):

The section relevant to the project:

We’re looking for a big empty space to be used for the project, any ideas welcome ! Also, the project is completely dependent on finding a strong local partner, that can help the process, so there too: suggestions welcome.

But the idea is that the project is completely handed over to a group of local volunteers that want to engage and organise the center autonomously. I hope that might warm up some people already :slight_smile:

Myself, I have been active in the hackerspace hsbxl in brussels for years. I saw the video on the nextcloud conf about Tirana’s municipality, and was like, oh hello there hacker-community ! :slight_smile:

Hope to hear more of you !!

(oh yeah, the idea is to come with 20-30 from belgium and 20 from Switserland / Kosovo / Macedonia).

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:belgium: Other people from Belgium \o/
Bienvenue, Welkom !

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Oe where you from ?!