Social apps for help and charity

What do you think of this app: ?
Do you know any similar alternatives?

The idea seems nice, but I couldn’t find its source code and I don’t know why I should trust this app. For example I don’t know why it needs access to my contacts and to my storage.

I think that it would have been better if it was a web-app that any charity organization can install and manage on its own server. Web-apps nowadays can be mobile-friendly too. Personally I may trust the people of a charity organization, but I cannot trust unknown people who ask access on my phone.

Any thoughts?

Personally haven’t heard about this before. But this looks like an app made for India mostly known there. Can’t find the license of it. But is part of United Nations program ‘Tech for good’.

I haven’t tried it, but this application seems interesting:
I think it is somehow related to OpenStreetMaps, but I am not sure.
Maybe we can suggest it to the organizations that are trying to manage the crisis.

Ushaidi app is open source and they use data from OpenStreetMap, or use OSM map as a basemap for their projects.

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