Significant cases where OL had its part into policymaking decisions

Hi all,

a few days ago, @silva.arapi and I, were interviewed by OS2 in order to share a few significant cases where OL had its part into policymaking decisions.

The article is published in EN at and in DK at the OS2 website.

Joinup is a platform provided by the European Commission where public administrations, businesses and citizens share interoperability solutions and open source software.

OS2 is an Open Source association for public authorities that, through the development of demand-driven IT solutions, works to create better and cheaper IT.



Well done! The environment has changed lately and the need to have a say more intensively at policy making processes in Albania is more important than ever in my opinion. We have also good news from our friends from FLOSSK and their recent efforts in this direction


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Artikulli me siper qenka publikuar edhe ne gjuhen galiciane nga Agjencia Galike për Modernizimin Teknologjik.

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