Scientific Paper about FLOSS Communities' cost structure and funding sources

Hello all,

I am studying a subject about “Open Source and Intellectual Properties in Digital Society”, in which I have to write a term paper related to this topic:
“The cost structure of FLOSS communities and the corresponding funding sources: Describe the cost structure of FLOSS communities and how the communities are raising funds to cover these costs.”

I plan to include and analyse different communities, like Wikipedia, Mozilla, Open Street Map and others maybe.
More am going to focus in big communities, but might also include some small once like our community, open for suggestions.

If someone knows any website where FLOSS communities upload their financial annual reports
and have applied different ways of funding sources (except donations), please let me know.
Any other help will be welcomed!

I might disturb you people via email or chat with some questions (as a short interview) to gather information. :slight_smile:



Hi Denisa,

Nice topic.

I don’t think there is a single place to get all the information. You’ll be able to get financial figures for US-based corporations through Yahoo Finance (ex. RedHat) but these communities are mostly non-profits and in different jurisdictions. They do list their audited financial statements on their websites though.

So just duduckgo for Wikimedia audited financial statements 2016 or Wikimedia audited annual report 2016.

Have fun.

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Thank you Arianit! :smiley:

Have a look at some of the following links:

(follow links about money and donors)

If you have a strong interest in this topic beyond your immediate
project then please tell me and I can introduce you to other people
interested in this topic.



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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we have finished the paper and if you are interested in reading it, I have uploaded the paper in my profile: Paper

Kind Regards,


Congrats @RucajDenisa! Checking it. Serisht urime!


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@RucajDenisa I can’t download it. Tried many times (Firefox Ubuntu version) with my Gmail but nothing happens… :frowning:


och, that’s strange. I tried and it downloads for me. Does the documents open in the browser, you can read it that way.
It seems that you can’t download if you don’t log into the account.
Otherwise, I can upload the paper here.

Let me know

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Great job @RucajDenisa :heart: Congrats!

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Shume Faleminderit :slight_smile:

Faleminderit @jonaazizaj :smiley:

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@RucajDenisa It’s a really great job! Congrats! :star_struck:

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Well done @RucajDenisa :clap::clap:

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