RHL'20, Youth Winter Olympics and free travel in Switzerland

RHL’20 takes places again from 31 January to 2 February 2020, the same weekend as FOSDEM

Coincidentally, the Youth Winter Olympics takes place in Switzerland during January 2020, immediately before RHL’20. They are looking for 3,000 volunteers.

Volunteers receive free travel on the little trains and cable cars in the Swiss mountains and various other benefits.

For Kosovans and any other citizen who requires a visa, the Olympic committee will provide the invitation letter. The Youth Winter Olympics is probably the most significant cultural event to take place in Switzerland in the next year so hopefully they will be generous with giving the visas to volunteers. Please include the dates for RHL’20 in your visa application and consider submitting a talk.

Easyjet has just launched direct flights from Tirana to Geneva (GVA), making it even easier to attend RHL’20 than ever before.

The chocolate factory outlet shop where you get 1kg for €5 is near the Basel airport though. Here it is.