Request for help for a logo for FOSSCOMM 2021

Hello friends,

Although we are a small group of people on the organizing committee for the conference FOSSCOMM 2021, no one knows how to deal with graphics.

We have our website online ( but we lack a logo (and of course the graphics for our facebook and twitter page).

So we would like your help with the logo and graphics for our sites.
If you need any help, at, next to the English button, there is an archive of previous conferences. You can have an idea from there.

We organize the conference with the help of gitlab, so the issue is:

It’s in Greek, but I guess it’s not difficult to translate.

Thank you in advance for you help.


Hello guys!
I’m an architect who is very fond of design and creating identities for companies or events.
I would love to work on the logo and have already started working on it. I believe I will have a proposal in the next days.

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Thank you Sonia,

We have a couple of proposals already but do apply yours.
We are all taking exams at the university, so the logo decision will delay a bit. I guess in July we will decide.

Thanks again