Re: Sun[esc]bdwaSnowCamp in Italy in late february/early march?

Hi Open Labs,

Can anybody give Elena feedback about whether you will repeat the Linux
weekend in February 2018 and if you have a possible date already?

There may also be an event in Italy during February or March and people
from Open Labs would be very welcome there, Elena will provide more
details soon.



@pocock can you give context here? Who is Elena? I can’t see any message if there is any.

We haven’t decided if it will be organized again, but we could coordinate to not have events collide.

Personally I think we have way too much stuff going on next year to organize Linux Weekend, but others might disagree.

Hi @pocock. This year Linux Weekend was on 25-26 March. Also, as Elio mentioned, can you provide more context on this? As one of the main organizers, I find it difficult to reorganize it again next year, mostly because of busy agenda we have and also personal plans, but that is to be decided a bit later.