Rails Girls Summer of Code 2018

Rails Girls Summer of Code is an award-winning global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. The program welcomes all women and non-binary applicants who want to gain a footing in the world of programming and further expand their knowledge and skills. The focus is on advanced beginners who want to go into programming full-time.

Successful applicants are paid a monthly stipend, from July to September, to work on a worthwhile Open Source project. Working in two-person teams, students are supported by a mentor directly involved with the Open Source project, as well as independent coaches with extensive developer experience.

Rails Girls Summer of Code centers around teams. A full team consists of a pair of students, two or more coaches and a project mentor.

Students are, of course, the main characters in this program. They work on Open Source projects full-time, from July to September, to expand their skill set and find their footing as coders. Students are the only people who will be remunerated if accepted into the program unless they are in a volunteer team.

Coaches are experienced developers who work closely with the students. They help their students learn and accomplish their project tasks on a daily basis. Ideally, students and coaches share the same office space. Should a coach not be available to help with an issue, students can always reach out to a team of Remote Coaches.

Mentors are experts on the Open Source project the team is working on. Ideally, they are the decision-makers behind the project or work closely with the decision-makers. They should be in a position to set general goals for the student project, give directions and provide feedback.

The applications’ process will open starting from February 1st until February 28th. This means that you have plenty of time to start thinking about the project you would like to work on and find a team mate.

RGSoC is also on Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. You can also email them at contact@rgsoc.org. The Mailing List is the place you can address any questions you might have or find a coach for the project you want to work on. Consider subscribing!

Last year two girls from the Open Labs community, @jonaazizaj and @Xh3n1, had the chance to be part of RGSoC 2017.

Wishing the best to anyone who is considering to apply for this year’s round!



Hey guys,

Call for Open Source Projects is still open.

What is a good project?

A good Open Source project to propose for RGSoC:

  • has at least one open-source license (dual, OS/commercial licenses are usually ok but will be looked at on a case-by-case basis),
  • is established enough to allow collaboration (beyond the set-up phase),
    has a dedicated contact person/maintainer,
  • is beginner/junior-friendly (open to newcomers; maintains an inviting, helpful and understanding communication and a non-discriminating environment; etc.),
  • can abide by the rules of our Code of Conduct (having your own Code of Conduct or similar guidelines for your project is highly encouraged),
  • has to provide a mentor who will act as an expert in the project’s domain.



Thanks @Xh3n1! I am thinking to apply with Identihub here :slight_smile:


Many thanks for sharing this @Xh3n1. I am planning to apply with CityZen.



Student applications for this just opened! At the link below you can find more info: