Problem: How to download a recorded presentation from BigBlueButton

I had a presentation yesterday, which was recorded on BBB, and now it is published on . But how to download it in order to share it in YouTube, FB, etc.?

BBB records separately the screenshare, the webcam (video+microphone), the slides, the comments etc. I am interested only on the screenshare and the webcam (which records my voice). I want to combine them in a single video, and then upload it to YouTube, FB, etc.

It turns out that this is not so difficult:

  1. Open the playback of the recording and notice the meetingId on the URL. Something like
    meetingId=3edbe3939d18067a08299b9a0a9b8d590af2bb85-1588419273427. Copy it and paste it to the terminal:

    echo $meetingId
  2. Download the webcam and desktop-share recordings:

    mkdir my-presentation
    cd my-presentation/
    wget "$meetingId/video/webcams.webm"
    wget "$meetingId/deskshare/deskshare.webm"
  3. Merge them with ffmpeg:

    ffmpeg -i webcams.webm -i deskshare.webm -c copy presentation.webm

    You should first make sure that ffmpeg is installed (like: apt install ffmpeg).

You can also automate this with a simple bash script.

More complex solutions:

Dashamir, I would propose to document these practical ‘how to’ info also in Albanian in the future. This might help people that don’t know ENG. I have a proposal I was thinking for quite a while, but never got the time to implement and will share it next week.



I like this idea.

Anyone please feel free to translate it (I don’t know if the policy of the forum contains some default licence for the postings, but in any case consider my postings as covered by the Creative Commons Licence).

Personally I prefer to write technical notes in English because I find it more difficult to translate from Albanian to English, than from English to Albanian.

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Thanks, really usefull :slight_smile:

Hey @dashohoxha! Amazing solve! I’ve been looking into this for sometimes aswell! This is quite a lifesaver

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A blog about it:

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