Possible talk or workshop - last week in January

Hi Open Labs!

I was a speaker at OSCAL in 2018 - I’m planning on visiting Tirana the last week in January - would there be interest in a talk or workshop of the following topics?

“Fast and Beautiful Images” - the best ways to build images for all of the screens/devices that are out there.

“Video Killed my Data Plan” Best practices on how video should be delivered on the web, with real examples of good ideas, and not so good ideas.

“I Stream, you Stream, how To make your Video Stream” How video streaming works - and how to optimize for the best customer results

“Building an Art Gallery in the Browser”. Using AR and VR in the Browser

Let me know if any of the topics are of interest.




Hi Doug,

Thank you for sharing this. I can help with organizing the event at the hackerspace in 28th or 29th of January if this works for you also.

For me each one of the topics sounds interesting, but lets wait for other forum members to give their opinion.


I would like to be part of this workshop to talk and learn more about
“Building an Art Gallery in the Browser”. Using AR and VR in the Browser
Thank you!


Im interested as well.
Thanks Doug for doing this.

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“Building an Art Gallery in the Browser” Using AR and VR in the Browser seems very interesting to me too.

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I think the AR talk would be great. @Sidorela - thank you for offering to help organise. let’s aim for the January 29. All I need is a projector, and if there is Wii-Fi, that would be great.

What steps do I take to get this on the OpenLabs calendar?


I will add this at the Open Labs calendar and also can help sharing it.

29 January 5.30 PM is ok for you?
Can you also share a short description for the topic?



Title: Building an ARt Gallery in the Browser

The world of virtual reality allows us to build new 3D interactive spaces that we can fill with anything we want - like the art of the great Renaissance masters. More into Cubism? With a quick click - now the gallery is full of a completely different genre. With new AR features, we can actually build the gallery in our own space - and just as easily swap out the art - all in our browser!

In this talk, we’ll walk through the steps to build a virtual ARt gallery, with web technology available today, but also take a peek at the new WebXR technology that is coming to our browsers soon!