Part-time code review & dev for open source project about misinformation. (React, JS, extensions)

Hey folks!

We are looking for some paid support to make code-reviews in our project.
Hope to find some motivated folks here. :slight_smile:

About the project:

The project aims to support the battle against online misinformation by making it easier for web users to search their digital knowledge, effortlessly share it and build on the web-research done by their network.

Doing so by developing open-source and decentralised software that allows users create, search and share their personal web of knowledge.
Users will be able to:

  • Full-text search their browsing history, bookmarks and later also all the apps they use to organise their digital knowledge. (Evernote, Google Docs, Pocket, Mendeley, (local) filesystem & emails)
  • Manually create links between (web) pages, notes, data and files, group them or let the tool automatically analyse a variety of associations, so they can recall information just like your brain remembers it, by making associations.
  • Voluntarily share content recommendations, associations, valuable notes and metadata with anybody they like via an API.

But no worries, we don’t have any access to user data whatsoever.
All data is stored locally, and no data will EVER leave a users computer without their approval.

A short introduction video for our vision:

Current State:

  • Chrome extension with 5600+ Users (firefox launching 17.04.)
    - Full-text search in browsing history and bookmarks
    - download here:
  • Grant funded

Stack we use:

Javascript, React + Redux, Browserify, PouchDB

Scope of your work:

We have a lot of motivated people (wanting to) contribute to the development.
Since many of them are rather junior level and we only have limited manpower, we need support in doing code reviews to ensure the contributions remain qualitative.

Your work requires:

Prio 1: Code-review for contributor-PRs.
Prio 2: Tidying up PRs
Prio 3: Participating in discussions concerning architecture
Prio 4: Helping out in the development

What you get:

  • Paid with your hourly rate and with a maximum limit of $700 a month
  • When more funding secured, potential full-time job & equity
  • Experience in working with a multinational group of contributors
  • Working with a cutting-edge product, conceptually as well as technologically

About you:

  • JS & React proficiency, experienced with ES6/7
  • Experience with open-source development & comfortable with GIT
  • You value modular, sustainable and reusable code
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passionate about the topic and open to contribute outside of paid engagement

Important Resources:

Our website:
Download chrome extension:
WorldBrain repository:
WebMemex repository:
Contact Email:

Onboarding/Selection Process:

  1. Getting familiar with the code base, its style and architecture:
    Small note: We are collaborating with the WebMemex project on the foundational code. We will work in our own fork of it though.
  2. Write us a short intro about yourself:
    • Why do you think you are the right person for the job?
    • What are your related experience? (Please send us some code examples)
  3. Short call to get to know you better.
  4. 2 weeks of paid test work

Looking forward to your mails


Thanks @oliversauter!

As mentioned before @aleksanderkoko and @silva.arapi were interested in this. Sounds like a great opportunity!


Thanks @elioqoshi for the introduction.

Hey @oliversauter, checked the repositories a few days ago. Saw that you guys were rewriting almost everything on React/Redux. Also Elio made a quick introduction of your current project. Sounds interesting.

I come from a PHP background, but now switching full on Node/Javascript. Currently using React/Redux in something that I’m building. Also worked with projects that implement Browserify. From the list I dont have some hands on experience with PounchDB, but worked with libraries similar to that.

Thanks @elioqoshi :slight_smile:

Hello Aleksander,

thanks for getting back to me and happy that you’re interested.
From what you describe, it sounds like you are fairly new to React/Redux, as well as JS?

I am not so aware about the commonalities of JS and PHP, therefore my question if you feel comfortable enough to give architectural feedback in JS/React to the contributors?

Have a good weekend!

Hi @oliversauter . Yes, a bit new to React/Redux. I need an additional month to be more ready for that. Elio told me that you would be in OSCAL. We can have a casual conversation about the project and a bit on technical perspective. We can take it from there. I want to be sure that both sides are happy to work with each other.

Also you have a good weekend.

Great idea, lets do that.
Looking forward speaking to you at OSCAL then!

Enjoy your weekend!