OSCAL: how can people outside Albania help?

There are a lot of people who enjoy coming back to OSCAL each year and may be willing to help with some of the organizational tasks for future years.

For example, at FOSDEM, most of the dev-room managers are not living in Belgium. We do all the communication with speakers remotely and only need to meet them in person on the FOSDEM weekend. There are probably some other things like sponsor communication that can also be helped effectively by remote volunteers.

This is not a criticism of the OSCAL team and I’m not suggesting local people can’t do those tasks very well as you already do but if people in the wider community want to help it could distribute the workload. Another benefit is that people who have experience from other events can share that experience with people in Tirana.

If you like this idea, it would be good to have some informal discussion about it during OSCAL this year and factor it into planning for 2019.

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