OSCAL 2022: updates

Hello friends,

as some of you already know OSCAL is happening this year during 18-19 June 2022 in Tirana. In this thread the organising team will update about the latest news. Feel free to post here any questions or suggestions you have about this edition.

Exiting news:
:warning: CfP alert! our call for Proposals is open for anyone who wishes to have a talk, a workshop or … even a talkshop at #OSCAL2022. Our slogan this year is #InternetFreedomFTW, #InternetFreedomWTF but don’t feel limited :hugs:. Yo ucan find al lthe details here: CFP is now open • OSCAL 2022.

Would love you see your proposals about internet freedom, free libre open source software (floss), online privacy and open knowledge!

More updates coming soon,



We have opened the call for infobooths during OSCAL 2022. If you are part of an open source project or open hardware and you want to share have a booth at OSCAL check our news here and fill the form: Apply for an infobooth at OSCAL 2022 • OSCAL 2022

Deadline is 01.05.2022. See you there :slight_smile:
#OSCAL2022 #InternetFreedomFTW #InternetFreedomWTF

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Last week people that are interested in applying as a speaker or host an info booth have approached members of the organizing committee to get more information about the application process, especially as a speaker. To facilitate this I’d like to propose an #OSCAL2022 info session next Thursday 10.03.2022 @ 18.00 at the hackerspace. If OL members agree on this please let me know. You can join the session even if you are not planning to apply as a speaker or for an info booth - we will be there to answer all the questions. Facilitation on keeping the hackerspace open during the info session is needed to make this happen.

Thank you,


OH YES!!! I’ll try and come even if I am not talking :wink:

bad feeling it clashes with a festival here, but hopefully not.


@rskikuli we can host an informative session on Tuesday 17th of March on 18:00 at the hackerspace.

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Thanks for helping with this. @joana @IrdiIs and others that have questions about the call for speakers and call for info booths you are invited :slight_smile:


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Also @kristicunga . Don’t forget to join!

Dear friends, this Thursday on 18:00 we will have an OSCAL info day at the hackerspace. It will be an open session with more information about the next edition of OSCAL. You are invited to join. :slight_smile:


If you would like to help us during the conference days with conference organizing, our call for volunteers is now open: Call for volunteers is now open • OSCAL 2022

We will be happy to have you on our team.
See you soon!


Hey all! :hugs:
:tada: Call for speakers is still open!
Get more information here :point_right: osc.al
Jump to your proposal here :point_right: OSCAL 2022 (Open Source Conference Albania) :: pretalx
We welcome anyone with a cool idea an would be happy to see you on June 18-19!


Just a reminder #OSCAL2022 is happening this weekend :tada:.

Info on how to register free of charge or become a supporter here: Tickets for OSCAL 2022 available! • OSCAL 2022
Website with more info https://oscal.openlabs.cc/
See you there :partying_face:.

I hope to be able to give a tour of some local places on the Friday, but it will probably be an afternoon/evening one rather than most of the day like last time.


Hey John, thank you for proposing this :slight_smile: do you want us to inform the speakers about this?


:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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I was looking for any recordings from the conference, but I could find only this one:

I hope that openSUSE summit presentations will be published soon, because I missed them.