OSCAL 2020 Organizing Team

Hello everyone,

I am posting here to announce that we are starting the selection of the organizing team for OSCAL 2020 :smiley:

During the last members’ meeting, we discussed and decided for the organizing team to be as the same setup as last year :slight_smile: Considering the positive feedback from last OSCAL editions, this year applications to be part of the organizing team are open to everyone that shares the same values about FLOSS with us, regardless of their membership status to Open Labs or contributions to open source communities with the condition that non Open Labs members must sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) due to legal information from sponsors and partners that is usually shared during the process of organizing the conference. Also, remote contributors can join and help on specific tasks, but keep in mind that the nature of these tasks will be defined at a later stage once there have been some meetings of the organizing team.

If you have no experience with organizing events like OSCAL, fear not! Open Labs members that have previous experience with organizing event like OSCAL will help you at any stage of your involvement. You just need to be passionate, involved and have the will to help and be part of the team.

Everyone who is interested in becoming part of the OSCAL 2020 team can post on this thread including the reason(s) why you want to join the team.
As Open Labs members and organizing team contributors we would like to emphasize the fact that it is quite an intense task that includes:
- participation to the weekly meetings (this is quite important and obviously is a requirement only to people that live in Tirana)
- taking ownership of the tasks
- the desire and will to help the team behind the conference
- knowledge and respect of our code of conduct (https://wiki.openlabs.cc/faqja/Kodi_i_mirësjelljes/en )

In case you want to help, but don’t have the time to participate you also have the opportunity to be a volunteer at a later stage - more details on this after September 2019.
The application deadline is 20.07.2018. In the mean time feel free to write any questions here or reach out to one or more of our members (https://wiki.openlabs.cc/faqja/Anëtaret).

On behalf of the Open Labs’ members thanks in advance to everyone that want to become part of the 7th edition of Open Source Conference Albania. :open_labs:

Nafie :hugs:


i I-i. Futa veten në loop

What does this mean?


qe oscalin tjeter do kontribuoj dhe une :wink:

Hello, recently I joined OpenLabs and I like it. I have passion about technology and I want to share knowledge. I’d like to contribute to the organizing team of OSCAL


Kam qene vullnetare ne oscal tre vitet e fundit dhe kam pasur nje eksperience shume te mire prandaj kete vit do doja t’i bashkohesha grupit organizativ per te kontribuar me teper. Faleminderit!:slightly_smiling_face:



Do doja edhe une te isha pjese e grupit organizativ te OSCAL2020. Kam qene vullnetare kete vit te OSCAL dhe me ka pelqyer shume e giithe konferenca ,organizimi,komunikimi dhe ecuria e cdo zone ne harmoni te plote.
Faleminderit Anila :slight_smile:


Do te doja te isha edhe une pjese e grupit organizativ te OSCAL 2020. Kam qene pjese e konferences si speaker kete vite dhe me ka pelqyer shume organizimi, fryma e punes ne grup dhe mesazhi qe percjelle tek pjesemarresit.
Faleminderit :relaxed:


Thank you for your interest @mnplus @aulona1 @Anila (mireseerdhe ne forum) and @eraldguri .
For other interested people in joining the team I’d like to remind you that the application deadline is 20.07.2019
Thank you.


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Hi Redon!
20.07.2018 already passed, it was last year. So when is the deadline?

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I meant 2019 :smiley:


Ah, okay, thank you!

Dua te shpreh interesin qe te jem pjese e skuadres per #OSCAL2020

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Edhe une do kisha deshire te isha pjese e grupit organizativ te Oscal 2020 ,pasi dhe kam qen e pranishme 2 vitet e fundit si vullnetare dhe me eshte dukur mjaft interesante njohja e njerezve dhe organizimi qe eshte bere dhe perkushtimi per ate.

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Edhe unë kam shumë dëshirë të jem pjesë e grupit organizativ për OSCAL 2020 :slight_smile: