openSUSE Meeting Team Marketing / 2020-01-08 19:00 UTC

Hi there,

As there were no objections against the appointment and Doug is available as well I hereby invite everyone interested to team marketing meeting:

Date & Time

Wednesday, January 8th at 19:00h UTC
Check your local time here:


Unfortunately IRC bridging is still due. Discord, Telegram and Matrix are all three bridged together. So choose one of them to take part.
Details here:


I condensed the points you mentioned into a rough agenda. If I missed something please feel free to add it.

For anyone not able to make it read the notes.


Iā€™m sure this was a great meeting and a good start for those who would like to get involved further with the openSUSE community.

@kristinakvn and @aulona1 might want to have a look at the meeting logs hence they are organizing their first meetup openSUSE meetup in Tirana. I suppose you can just check the Telegram group chat shared above by Stathis.


FULL log is here:

Also some graphics needed: