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Mirembrema everyone,

As you may know, there is a place for OpenStreetMap Albania on the official OSM forum :

The OpenStreetMap foundation is currently trying to find out which sections of the forum is not really used and trying to find moderators for the sections that are used.
So far I find a bit the confusing the “relation” between Open Labs and OpenStreetMap Albania ; is it the same thing ? Is OpenStreetMap Albania a working group of Open Labs ?

When I asked about a category for OpenStreetMap Albania on this forum, I was replied that there is already a forum for OpenStreetMap Albania, which totally makes sense ! So I think it would be better to migrate every OSM Albania related topic to the official forum (and why not even propose a moderator for that forum). That would have 2 goals : clarify things between OL and OSM Albania + avoid that the Albanian section of the OSM official forum get closed !

That’s only my 2 cents about this, feel free to share yours :slight_smile:

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I agree with you and believe this would clarify things a bit

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I added this as an issue to be discussed on the next members meeting @jbelien. Would be nice if @diskmantialso was part of it.
I agree that we need to take a decision about this since it has been discussed in some occasions.


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