Open Source Software for mobility

Following up on the discussion on mobility, I would like to share the OSS tools that help with the improvement of transport services.

It will be a presentation that will include the following:

  • intro: logistics vs transport vs mobility
  • maps: routes and stops
  • routing: accessibility and bias
  • econ101: elasticity
  • costs

Suggested time: next week - probably around Thursday (20th of July, 6.30pm).
Will share getting started code.


@kristicunga Can you help us with a poster to share on social media for this?

Postponing because of the temperatures in Albania.
Will add presentation here soon for interested people:

Here is the post for SM :slight_smile:


This is so nice. Wished I could be in Tirana for this.


You can find the presentation here. It’s mostly explorative, and we will have a second presentation going more deep into the data and economics of it - thought in geospatial terms.

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