Open Labs presence at Mini DebConf Hamburg (19-20 May)

I feel it would be mutually beneficial for Debian and Open Labs if somebody from the Open Labs community could apply to attend Mini DebConf in Hamburg and propose a talk there.

It is on the same weekend as OSCAL. There are actually three events that week:

  • Kamailio World in Berlin - Monday 14 May - Wednesday 16 May
  • Mini DebCamp - Wednesday 16 May - Friday 18 May, where people can hack on things together, no formal talks or presentations scheduled
  • Mini DebConf - Saturday 19 May - Sunday 20 May

Personally, I’ve submitted a talk proposal for OSCAL and while I would like to be in both events at the same time, I would like to come to OSCAL. It is possible other people from Debian may apply to come to OSCAL too.

For somebody from Open Labs going to Hamburg, there are a few potential opportunities:

  • meeting people
  • learning how things are organized at one of the larger MiniDebConf events, this might give you ideas you can use in future Open Labs events
  • expanding Debian skills
  • helping the Debian community understand Open Labs and some of your successes
  • organizing a live connection between the two events, for example, using Jitsi Meet or live streaming

Is there anybody who would be interested in going? If anybody wants to discuss it while I am in Tirana for the BSP please ask me.

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