Open Labs New Year Party

(Sidorela Uku) #1

Helloo @Members ,

We are now almost at the end of 2018, well still one month left. I’m opening this thread to discuss about organizing a party at the end of the year (at the last ten days).

Let’s be all together, members, non-members, OL supporters, Open source software promoters etc. It has been another intensive year will lot of activities and great conferences.
Ok, this is not about promoting free and open source software this is about gathering and spending some time together to have fun and chat with each other.

Before making this thread public please add any ideas, dates, times, activities you think for the party.

I would be happy to help with organizing it. Anyone else who wants to help ?

It’s time for party and fun :christmas_tree::clinking_glasses::beers::balloon::balloon::balloon:

Cheers and love,

(Justin W. Flory) #2

I wish I could be there. :slightly_smiling_face:

(John Sturdy) #3

I guess i know where some of the cake shops are, so I can get some cake for the party :slight_smile:
But seriously, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

(Jonathan Beliën) #4

Miremengjes everyone,

I would like (and will try) to attend :tada:
The dates that suit me the best would be a Friday or a Saturday evening ; 28/12 or 29/12 would be perfect !

(John Sturdy) #5

I will arrive in Tirana on Saturday 22nd (flight lands at noon) and leaving mid-morning of Thursday 3rd, so I’m pretty flexible on timing.

(Redon Skikuli) #6

I would propose a date that both Jonathan and John can make it, but not to close to the end of the month because many people with families outside Tirana leave the city. In this context 28.12.2018 seems more apropriate to me.


(Silva Arapi) #7

Agree with Redon, 28th seems good! :confetti_ball:

(Mariana Balla) #8

Thanks for organizing our annual New Year’s party @Sidorela! :christmas_tree::confetti_ball:

Unfortunately I cannot join as I’ll be visiting my family for Christmas holidays but I’ll be sending you festive vibes. :santa:


(Nafie Shehu) #9

I’m also okay with 28.12.2018, will be there for sure :slight_smile:

(Izabela Bakollari) #10

i am okay with 28th. planning to be there.

(Anxhelo Lushka) #11

I’d be okay with 25-28.

(evavranici) #12

I’m on it for the 28th :slight_smile:

(Augest) #13

I also would be Ok with 25-28 dec. :christmas_tree::tada:

(Jonathan Beliën) #14

Confirmed: I’ll be there on the 28th of December :tada:

Looking forward to see you all :slight_smile: