Open Labs End of the Year Fundraiser

Hi folks,

it’s end of the year and it’s a great time to create a warm fuzzy feeling in the binary and hackery hearts of hackers, activists and developers by giving a little piece of the pie to initiatives they care about. Of course we hope that one of this is Open Labs, so we are going full-speed with the end of the year donation campaign, especially with Patreon and Bitcoin.

In a few words, if you can spare a few bucks, please consider becoming an Open Labs Patron on

Open Labs is the sole hackerspace in Albania shaping the Open Source movement and advocating for Digital Rights. Your pledge will help covering rent and other costs. If we make it to 200 USD by the end of the year, we can spend less time trying to raise money and more time doing what our mission is: helping people get involved with open source software. If all of the people who attended our events would donate 1$ monthly, we would have all of our costs covered. We appreciate your support!

If you can not support us financially please consider sharing this with people that might help.

Best wishes for the holiday season!