Open Labs and IRC

At events like DebConf and in some projects like GSoC and Outreachy there are a lot of people using IRC.

I would like to raise awareness of Open Labs and OSCAL while I visit DebConf (starting Saturday) and one way to do this would be to have some remote interaction through IRC, maybe you could also watch some of the DebConf talks in the hackerspace (live streaming) and people could submit questions using IRC and Jitsi Meet

Who is already using IRC? Which IRC clients are people in Open Labs familiar with? Is there anybody in the community who can volunteer to help other people using IRC for the first time?

Many free software projects use Freenode.

However, many teams in Debian are using OFTC - for example, to get help when installing Debian, people can visit the #debian channel there. The DebConf live streaming pages will have details of the IRC channel names people need to join to ask questions remotely.


There is an IRC channel on freenode for Open Labs: #openlabs-albania. :smile: It’s also linked to the Telegram group for Open Labs via a Telegram <=> IRC bridge. There’s a few folks who are hanging in there now.

I know a few people are using Riot as an IRC client for its benefits of being mobile-friendly and providing a bouncer-like service. However, I think I’ve seen HexChat / XChat in use before too.

Hello Daniel,

I’m already familiar with IRC and I’m using XChat but I’ve tried even HexChat or Riot. Because of Fedora, I use Freenode but yesterday I also tried OFTC. If anyone at Open Labs wants help with IRC I will be available to teach them.

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@infra and @boriscan you or someone else with more knowledge than myself document the ways OL people can connect to our cht through IRC on our wiki platform? I would highly appreciate it :smiley:


@infa dhe @kominoshja please add the details about our IRC channel at the wiki homepage or a dedicated page: I was trying to do it myself but the code seems quite complicated.

Thanks Redon. Will coordinate with @infra