Open Labs and FSFE?

Would anybody like to request that Open Labs be listed as an FSFE associate organization?

Would anybody from Open Labs like to volunteer to be a coordinator for FSFE in Albania? This doesn’t involve too much work, basically requesting more free stickers, being a first contact for anybody else who wants to know about FSFE and sometimes organizing an FSFE meeting in the hackerspace.


Hey Daniel,

I was also thinking about this actually! Open Labs supports their goals, so I think we should be listed as an associate organization. What do the other @Members think?

We also have been having considerable presence from fsfe people in OSCAL.

I would like to volunteer to do that!

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+1. Thanks @silva.arapi.


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Totally agree. At Open Source Design we applied as well to become affiliates and it was relatively easy. @silva.arapi thanks for taking this on. Feel free to ask for help so someone can help you as well.

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Hello everyone,
I would like to be a coordinator too for this.


+1 I also agree with this proposal

It is great to see so many people interested in this. I’m going to send some comments on the FSFE discussion list this week, if anybody from Open Labs would like to join in please subscribe here


@kristiprogri @silva.arapi status update on the application? Can you share the application in an etherpad here?