Open Data Portal of the Municipality of Tirana

The Tirana Municipality started the “Open Data” website, a portal where they will post detailed information regarding their public works and all services offered by this institution.

The initiative aims to increase transparency, giving access to journalists, civil society members and to every single citizen.

Every citizen will be able to see in details investments made by the municipality for the infrastructure of the city, urban transportation lines, green spaces, traffic near their areas, education, employment, public security, sport, culture, etc.

Read the full article here:

Full disclaimer: I’ve been contracted from UNDP as a consultant for the project. Actually one of my favorite projects since the software of the website is open source and the Municipality seems to understand the licenses for open data.



Te dhena interesante per tu perdorur ne D3. Me duket se ka ardhur koha to learn smth new :smile:

Hey @diskmanti this is the English forum :slight_smile:
What it D2?


Sorry I was not aware that I was on the english part of the forum. D3 is a JS library for data viz. It mainly consumes csv data.

I think there are plans to organize a datathon end of May and you are more than welcome to share what you know there :slight_smile:
The proposal about the date of the event will be published here soon.


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Have you seen Superset by the developers of AirBnB? It looked really nice and it’s open source under an Apache 2.0 license. Might be worth checking out:

The materials related to open data mentioned so far are now on our wiki (in albanian):ë_dhënat_e_hapura



Really glad to hear/read that Tirana is goind the “open-data” way.
We talked about that topic at the OpenStreetMap meetup during OSCAL.

I think it really is an awesome project to ““import”” those data to OpenStreetMap.
If you need any help with the process of those data (whatever the process, even if it’s not related with OSM), feel free to contact me !

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