Open Agriculture (OpenAg) Initiative / Building a food computer in the hackerspace

One of the last sessions at OSCAL’17 was a viewing of the TED video from
Caleb Harper about OpenAg and the food computer.

Quite a few people attended, is there interest in building one of these
in Albania, possibly at the hackerspace?

We are going to try and build one (or more) in

and I would be happy to share any of our experiences from the project so
other people can replicate it.

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Hey Daniel,

Is there by any chance some overlapping with OpenFarm?

I’d personally love to do this but I think it would be better to focus on polishing things we have right now and need to improve (we still need to have a proper checkin system at the space, do some proper furniture, and well, pay the rent) but if anyone wants to tackle this, they are free to do so!

@anisakuci9 should be interested about this since it is in her area of studies and we were also talking about this the other day. If you come in Tirana next month and have the time we could organize a small unofficial meetup about this :slight_smile:


@elioqoshi with a food computer, you can grow things to feed your landlord then he won’t ask for rent

I would agree that some things are more urgent though. A couple of sandwich boards outside to help people find the entrance and a Turris Omnia would be good. Maybe make a list of all these things and try to crowdfund them? The food computer could be a stretch goal.

Hello Daniel I am really interested in this kind of projects, I want to build systems for IoT green houses and low cost green houses automations. I and my friend have started to build a small application that is at his baby phases that consist in gather and store in a database in real time, temperature and humidity data and create reports and charts to analyze and monitoring this two components. Our project idea is more than what we did till now.
We will be glad to share our experiences.

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