OONI Report - Internet Censorship in Egypt

(Not directly related to Albania but I have helped design the report and thought it would be interesting insight into what’s going on around the world)

Today OONI and AFTE published a joint report examining internet censorship in Egypt based on the analysis of OONI Probe network measurements.
The full report is available here: https://ooni.io/documents/Egypt-Internet-Censorship-AFTE-OONI-2018-07.pdf

And you can find a summary here: https://ooni.io/post/egypt-internet-censorship/ & here: https://blog.torproject.org/egypt-internet-censorship


Is there a plan to have a similar report of censorship and also surveillance for Albania Elio? In interactions I’ve had with civil society representatives in Albania this info is needed and would be appreciated. We as OL should be the initiators of such publication in my opinion. Can OONI support us on this?
Also, if you have a printed version would be great to have it at our book-corner at the hackerspace :wink:



There is not much internet censorship going on in Albania as of now. But maybe it’s also due to the fact that there are not many measurements either. You can check the data on OONI Explorer:


It’s mostly porn sites and online casinos in a few cases. I’d suggest installing OONI Probe and doing measurements yourself which publishes them automatically on OONI Explorer.
You can get it for iOS and Android. On Android it’s on

FDroid: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.openobservatory.ooniprobe/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.openobservatory.ooniprobe&hl=en

So basically it would totally be possible to do a report on Albania if there is enough stuff to talk about. If that’s the case we could eventually even find funding somewhere for it.

In any case I’d suggest joining David on Friday and afterwards we will also have a OONI Probe Workshop:

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