NSA Monitored Devices Stickers

Hey folks,

After @Yeti visited Tirana for CryptoParty, I took some time off to upload the NSA Sticker Designs to a repo on GitHub, for people to download and print themselves (instead of paying a lot of money):

I plan to polish it a bit more and eventually add PDF versions ready for print and maybe hexagonal stickers. Feedback is welcome. Also please Star and Follow the Repo so we can make it a bit more viral :slight_smile:

Also, I added a CodeSponsor.io ad there, which generates some income for us everytime a visitor clicks on it. These ads adhere the Ethical Advertising guidelines and are Developer oriented. Check out CodeSponsor to see how it works (they do not track anyone)

Would like to get your thoughts on latter and any other comments are welcome as well.


Excellent idea !

Are you the one who created that sticker ? :slight_smile:

PDF version is indeed something interesting to add !

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The NSA Seal is Public Domain so hence the Unlicense. I plan to design some custom ones but wanted first to get these here as they were nowhere available. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome ! :+1:
Can’t wait for the others !

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I just added Hexagonal stickers :slight_smile:

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