Nice system

I like it, what is this?

do you guys have a chat? I guess I missed the hackathon. was there anything I could do remotely?

Hey James! Nice to see you here
The forum is called Discourse, and you can find more about it here

We do have a telegram chat. If you want to join click there —> (here) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dont use telegram, it is not free software. Do you have anything free and open?

The mailing list is the main communication platform for us :slight_smile:

@h4ck3rm1k3 If you don’t want to use the Telegram, it’s bridged with an IRC channel on freenode that you can join and idle in.

Hope this helps. We set this up last week, so it’s still pretty new. However, because it was recently abused, we set up the requirement that you must be voiced to speak in the channel. If you have a NickServ account, myself or another channel OP can add your account to the channel so you can speak in there.

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The Forum Software here (Discourse) is Free and Open Source Software. Moving away from Google Groups was way overdue. As Justin said, we have an IRC channel where you can join for synchronous communication in realtime.

I personally use Riot which is a Matrix client and I’m really satisfied with it. It integrates nicely within IRC environments.

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  • #openlabs-albania :Cannot send to channel

matrix is great, but my question is when will open labs switch from telegram to matrix?

Not in the roadmap and not a priority for public channels right now. Until the contribution barrier of Matrix or IRC for new contributors is lower than it currently is, Telegram is suitable for our current needs. A lot of us are using Signal for private conversations anyway.

Once we got rid of anything Google we can look at Telegram. I think we can agree on that as a priority.