Nextcloud meetup between Alb and Gr contributors

Hello all,

during a spontaneous chat with @iosifidis we decided to propose a Nextcloud meetup between active Nextcloud contributors from Albania and Greece. The proposed day is 7.10.2021 at 18.00 Tirana time (19.00 Greece time). Some notes:

  • you don’t have to have previously contributed to take part in the meetup. If you are thinking to start now contributing this is the ideal moment to meet with us;
  • Open Labs Hackerspace team: can the hackerspace infrastructure be used? The space, internet and BigBlueButton instance in case it is needed;
  • since conferences have stalled, we don’t have the opportunity to meet in person. the goal is to expand the meetup with participants from other countries from the region, but let’s see how this one goes first
  • there is no agenda - we just want to know each other and hopefully to make this a regular thing. In the beginning Stathis and myself will coordinate the discussion, but the ideal is to have different people take this role in the future.
  • one rule: be respectful!

If you are planning to join please let us know here so that we have an idea of the number of the people that will join and get prepared better. Also, if you have any proposals on how to do this better feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Looking forward,
Stathis & Redon.


Why restrict it only to contributors? Actually I don’t even know what is a NextCloud “contributor”. How do you (Redon) and Stathis contribute to NextCloud?

Having a lightweight or flexible agenda usually is better than having no agenda at all.

Me and Ambla would like to attend.

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You are right on your comment Dashamir. In general we do not want to restrict anyone from participating. Every contributor (in code, translations, promotions, community building etc), Nextcloud user or just open source enthusiast is more than welcome to join.
+1 on your comment on the agenda - I’ll work on that with @iosifidis in the next days.


hey @ll,
this is Dimitris from tech collective / coop.
i’m also interested in attending, even though we’re not contributing to NC. (only did some gr translations for Owncloud, ages ago…)
just a personal note, this “no agenda” sounds more “relaxing” for starters. (also ok with light/flexible agenda)


I will also like to participate. Currently, I am working at Ponder Source, on Sciencemesh project. We implement the ‘bridge’ between Reva and Nextcloud, so I’m very interested.


Sciencemesh seems like a really nice initiative! Bonus points for connecting it to Nextcloud :smiley: . Looking forward having you join the meeting!


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For those of you who want to promote the event here are some images you could use courtesy of @marianaballa . Thanks also at Open Labs for promoting and supporting this.


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Is there any link at Online?

Here you are See you al later.


Thanks everyone for participating! Some things from my notes and thoughts:

  • this went well! The general consensus was to do it again soon - ideally before the end of the year with more people from the region
  • @kominoshja will let us know about the Matrix chat that will be connected to other platforms (Telegram etc)
  • after hving the chat established we grow this to a wider audience such as Nextcloud Western Balkans (or Nextcloud WB)
  • let’s rotate the moderation of the call with more people other than just me :slight_smile:
  • we forgot to have a group photo, but I assume the majority of the participants were a bit shy.

Thanks again for participating and for a nice start. See you soon!


Hey @kominoshja do you have ETA for the Matrix bridge? Many thanks in advance for taking care of this.


The bridge cannot be set up without having a Matrix server to talk to. I just pinged Pantelis who was going to set the server up and ask on the status

Hey there,

We, me and Triantafyllenia, are collaborating in order to prepare something more nice than a simple generic chat.

Give us 1-2 days more to prepare everything and ofc we can discuss if you like it or not, and suggest changes or improvements.

A more detailed presentation will follow, and we will explain the logic behind what we want to do. Allow us to build it first and present it to you and then, as I said, we can talk about any suggestions or changes :slight_smile: ! So please hold your excitement because I believe we are preparing something nice for this “initiative”.

Also, within these days I will collaborate with @kominoshja to make the appropriate setup.

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I don’t think that Greece belongs to Western Balkans. Am I wrong?
Maybe we should drop the “W”. I don’t know why WB sounds trendy nowadays.

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Hey all,

I am writing this post to invite you to our Matrix “Space”. There we, me and Triandafyllenia, have set up a few rooms for this nice initiative that seems we are starting :slight_smile:. We have also set up an equivalent thing on Discord.

The idea behind having Matrix and Discord is to have 2 entries (that connect with each other) for our community:

  1. Have a simple, easy to use way of joining to our community → Discord.
  2. Have a bit more advanced but opensource and privacy friendly entry for people who prefer this way → Matrix.

The ultimate goal is to connect those 2 with a Bridge (matterbridge project most probably), in order to have bidirectional communication between those 2 platforms.

For now we will use the Matrix Space (see the end of this post where we request more feedback for the bridge setup).


The link to our Matrix Space is here:

Note: If you are new to Matrix, I would suggest you use the “Element” client as it seems to have the most features. However feel free to discover the other available clients if you feel like.

Now, I would like to say a few words for the Rooms we have set up, like a small description for each of them…

  • Discussion - General: Is the room where we are supposed to have the most of our conversations about Nextcloud.
  • Events - Announcements: Is the room where we will announce future events (meetups/workshops/etc).

    Note: This room is not intended for discussions.

  • General - Intro: This room will hold a simple message describing what is our community/Space about. A small description of Nextcloud etc. Here I would like to request for volunteers that would like to write something for this Description

    Note: This room is not intended for discussions.

  • General - Welcome: This room is intended to be used by new members that want to introduce themselves, or for senior members who want to welcome new members.
  • NextcloudPi - General: General discussion/questions about the NextcloudPi project.
  • NextcloudPi - Intro: This room will hold a message that will have a description of what NextcloudPi is. Here, I would also like to request for volunteers to write this description.

    Note: This room is not intended for discussions.

  • NextcloudPi - Setup & Installation: This room is for discussion and/or questions about the setup and installation process of the NextcloudPi project.
  • Questions - General: The room for General Questions about Nextcloud.
  • Questions - Setup: The room for Setup/Installation/Configuration Questions about Nextcloud.
  • Questions - Apps: The room for Questions related to Nextcloud Apps.
  • Other - Feedback: The room to give feedback to our community and this initiative.
  • Other - Random: The room for Random discussions about subjects that are out of scope of the Nextcloud project.

Bridge - Give feedback

Last but not least, I would like to suggest we talk about having a bridge that connects everything to/from a similar setup we have done on Discord. The issue that has come up regarding this and we would like your feedback on, is that the bridge needs to be hosted somewhere (on a linux machine/vps) that runs 24/7 creating a dependency.

Let’s talk about this in the Discussion - General chat in Matrix!

P.s. We, me and Triandafyllenia, already took the initiative to name the Matrix Space and the Discord community as “Nextcloud Balkans Community” and leave out the “Western”. Let us know if you think we should name it differently.

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good catch @dashohoxha . +1 to remove the ‘W’


Great job, and Matrix looks great.
I am not sure whether we need 10-15 rooms, but I don’t have much experience with chatting.

In my opinion chat rooms are for quick and ephemeral communications (which also include announcements). For more serious and lasting discussions a forum like Discourse might be more suitable. For example we can have a category and group for NextCloud on this forum, if there are no better options.

@infra: do you think this is possible?

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Indeed chat has a different purpose than forums, but I would propose to have this somewhere in the Nextcloud forum (maybe here 🌐 Non-english support - Nextcloud community and not OL. @iosifidis might have some more info on how it works or it can be done.


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:+1: for using the forum of Nextcloud